Differences between Harsonic and other devices

We have a broad assortment of devices all with different programmations :

1 . Harsonic® for BoatHull

2. Harsonic® for Propellers

3. Harsonic® for Gasoiltanks

4. Harsonic® for Watertanks

5. Harsonic® for Boxcoolers

6. Harsonic® for Coolingtowers & Heatexchangers

7. Harsonic® for Industrial Tanks & Filters

8. Harsonic® for Industrial Pipelines

9. Harsonic® for Agricultural Tanks & Pipelines

10.Harsonic® for Open Waterstorage

As we are the manufacturer we can also make devices on demand or custom made devices.


Harsonic is the only ultrasound manufacturer who gives a 5 Year Warranty .

the 5 year warranty is effective on all appliances sold after 01 october 2013 .



Harsonic devices are more than just ultrasound.  They are improved with our own unique HS-technique.  This technique is developed by our own engineers and guarantees the good result.

logoPF200  logoLCD200-1

Harsonic is the only manufacturer who has the data control back-up.

This patented back-up system registers the power failures , so the owner always knows how many hours the device was without power .  This is important for his warranty-claim on a good result.


Harsonic  devices have an integrated warning system  which warns the owner when his battery-tension is too low or too high. The PBM takes care of your battery power and control this by constant measurments  and switches off the Harsonic devioce automaticly when there is no sufficient Battery Voltage. After this issue is solved and the battery is full again we automaticly start up the devices again.


Harsonic Smart Box Package version switches automaticly from  : 220V/110V Power   to   12V/24V Battery Voltage.

Harsonic devices have a EMC certificat which proves that Harsonic devices  have no influence on human beings nor on other electronic equipment.

emc200-1 CElogo200 logopatented200 logoR200        Feedback

Harsonic devices use the strongest transducers on the market . This in combination with the HS technique means we can also treat very thick materials such as steel and very thick polyester.The easiest way to explain this, is to compare the power  we send out with “talking”.   Our devices “shout” and those of the competition “whisper”.  If there isn’t enough power, algae will start defending theirselves and even become resistent after a while.

We have a very low consumption which makes our devices even more ecological friendly.  One transducer consumes 6 WATT.

Harsonic devices are well protected. All electronic parts are protected by “resin”.  This for 2 reasons :

1. Against anyone who wants to copy the device.   (Even the electronic parts inside the resin are protected against potential  copiers)

2. To make them 100% waterproof.  Because of the resin Harsonic devices will last many years.  The durability of our devices is estimated at 10 years.

The invention is patented and the name Harsonic is protected.

Our devices are manufactured in Europe to guarantee the best quality.

As we are completely indepent and as we ourselves are the manufacturers, we can easily adapt to the “market”.  This means if a special project occures, we can make devices on demand.

We have our own engineers and development department.

We also have our own technical and installation department

Advantages Harsonic® Marine

  1. Highly effective against fouling on hulls and propellers (algae, grasses, barnacles,mussels)
  2. Avoids biofilm in fuel- & watertanks (also dieselbacteria)
  3. Saves fuel
  4. Increases speed
  5. Saves annual expenses of antifouling
  6. No more laborous maintenance
  7. Environmentally safe & friendly
  8. The lowest power consumption (6W) with the biggest range (40m2 with 1 transdcuer !)
  9. No good, money back If you are not satisfied with the result, we pay back your money

Advantages of Harsonic® for Boxcoolers

  1. gives increased cooling efficiency and improved reliability
  2. means substantial savings on maintenance costs and there is no need for dry docking
  3. avoids the use of chemicals and protects the environment
  4. No good, money back. If you are not satisfied with the result, we pay back your money

 Advantages of Harsonic® for Gasoil-Tanks

  1. less loss of engine-power
  2. less excess engine-smoke
  3. no more slimy and dirty or even clogged fuel filters
  4. Environmentally Safe and Friendly
  5. Very low power consumption
  6. No good, money back. If you are not satisfied with the result, we pay back your money

Advantages of Harsonic® for Industrial Applications

  1. no more biofilm
  2. Significantly less bacteria (Legionella develops between 20°C and 50°C. From 60°C on, they die. But when residing in biofilm they can survive up to 70°C.)
  3. less use of chemicals
  4. clean tanks, cooling towers,  filters, pipes, etc  (even the scale and the rust is gone)

University studies have proven that Harsonic® gives the most stable result compared with peroxide or/and UV. Harsonic can also be used on the water supply for showers, heat exchangers, boilers, jaccuzi, etc …

Advantages of Harsonic® tubes-tanks in Agricuture

  1. Prevents blockage of pipes, filters & drinking nipples
  2. Combats & prevents diseases in plants & animals
  3. Keeps maintenance & medication to a minimum
  4. Removes harmful biofilm (the substrate for very many moulds and diseases)
  5. Healthier plants & animals mean increased yields