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We take pride that Harsonic®  is the undisputed leader in a mechanical system to remove biofilm and prevent all kind of fouling.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of our company. We never make promises we can’t keep.

The company Harsonic®  is located in Belgium and has more than 25 years experience in water treatment,  always in an ecological friendly manner.

Working  and testing with different ultrasonic brands taught us that there was and is,  a lot on the market which  failed to be effective and to be successful.

Together with our team of engineers we realized to manufacture perfect and powerful ultrasound  devices. But his was not the only thing…  Harsonic® doesn’t only use very powerful ultrasound on the right frequencies, but also has a unique HS technology integrated.  All top cooks have a secret ingredient, Harsonic® has the HS technology which guarantees a good result.

Various university studies prove that Harsonic®  has several advantages which you can find under the page “advantages” as well as under “references”.

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During the passed years we specialized in the permanent removal of biofilm in several applications, without any chemicals.   This means saving maintenance, saving money and saving the environment all at once.


At the moment we have a range of  10 different Harsonic® devices :

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BOATS                                  INDUSTRY                  OPEN WATERSTORAGE                  TUBES                               DOUBLE BOATS


1. Harsonic® for BoatHull

2. Harsonic® for Propellers

3. Harsonic® for Gasoiltanks

4. Harsonic® for Watertanks

5. Harsonic® for Boxcoolers

6. Harsonic® for Coolingtowers & Heatexchangers

7. Harsonic® for Industrial Tanks & Filters

8. Harsonic® for Industrial Pipelines

9. Harsonic® for Agricultural Tanks & Pipelines

10.Harsonic® for Open Waterstorage

Such applications require a high degree of engineering sophistication and precision manufacturing capability.  Innovations made by our own engineers  will outperform similar products .

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What is Ultrasound ? How does it work ?

All sound is caused by vibrations; they set up waves which travel through a medium. That medium can be air, but sound actually travels better through fluids and solids. The human ear can detect sound at frequencies of between 20 and 20,000 Hertz, this being the number of vibrations per second. Sound at a frequency above 20 KHz is inaudible to humans and is known as ‘ultrasound’.

­The transducer  is th­e main part of the ultrasound machine. The transducer  makes the sound waves and receives the echoes. It is, so to speak, the mouth and ears of the ultrasound machine. The transducer  generates and receives sound waves using a principle called the piezoelectric (pressure electricity) effect. In the transducer, there are one or more quartz crystals called piezoelectric crystals.  When an electric current is applied to these crystals, they change shape rapidly. The rapid shape changes, or vibrations, of the crystals produce sound waves that travel outward. Conversely, when sound or pressure waves hit the crystals, they emit electrical currents. Therefore, the same crystals can be used to send and receive sound waves.

The frequency of emitted sound waves determines how deep the sound waves penetrate.

Every organism has a certain frequency of its own. Water borne micro-organisms and bacteria attach and multiply creating bio-film layer ‘slime’. Algae cells also attach in the same way.  The bio-film provides a suitable surface to attach on.

Thanks to Harsonic® , there will no longer be a bio-film.  As a result growth is prevented as the cell structures of the algae and micro-organisms are targeted and cannot survive.

Ultrasound is completely harmless. Because it does not use radiation, the side effects of radiation are not an issue. Ultrasound is used every day for monitoring pregnant women and their unborn children.

To prove Harsonic® has no influence on other electronic equipment and  is completely safe, we have an official EMC certificat.

Harsonic® is 100% sure of his products quality , therefore we offer our clients a 5 Year Warranty !!

the 5 year warranty is effective on all appliances sold after 01 october 2013 .

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What is Biofilm ?

Biofilm is the cause of many fouling problems.  The slimy, sticky stuff which has been studied by a lot of scientists, is the very first step of fouling.  Trapped within the biofilm are micro-organisms which are resistant to standard disinfection processes,  because the biofilm actually protects the micro-organisms from being destroyed.

Harsonic® developped a unique and very powerful device which removes biofilm. This means micro-organisms can no longer attach or multiply.





By removing biofilm , Harsonic® avoids :

  • attachment of barnacles, mussels, oysters and algae
  • buildup of scale , rust, chalck
  • development of one cellular bacteria
  • clogging of filters, pipelines, …

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PIPES                                       FILTERS                                    TUBES                                  PROPELLERS                             HULL BOAT



If there is a wet surface, there is a biofilm.  This can be on ship hulls  on tubes of heatexchangers, in pipelines, drinking lines , in tanks, in jaccuzi, etc ,… Harsonic® has a different device for all of these applications.  All devices have a different programmation. You can find more details with the different product applications.

The main thing is to combat the biofilm !
Conventional methods of microbial control have proven inadequate, so the best way to combat biofilm is preventative. Don’t let the biofilm get started. That is exactly what Harsonic® does.

But that is not all !

Harsonic® devices are so powerful that they can even remove an existing biofilm. This means that micro-organisms which are already attached to the biofilm , will come off (not in seawater).  We have several fieldcases, where the rust falls of the walls of cooling-tower or where the rust comes out of the pipelines.


Five stages of biofilm development: (1) Initial attachment,(2) Irreversible attachment,(3) Maturation I,(4) Maturation II, (5) Dispersion.


Staf Harteel ,  who does the technical part of Harsonic®,  and his wife Mieke who does the commercialising.

“We put our customers at the center of what we do ! “