Harsonic supplies equipment for icebreaker French navy (L’astrolabe)

In June 2015, the Ministry of Overseas France awarded the construction of a 50 million euro polar logistics vessel to the Chantiers Piriou from Concarneau. The icebreaker L’Astrolabe will be owned and operated by the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF) administration, the French Polar Institute Paul-Émile Victor (IPEV) and the French Navy. A very […]

Harsonic wins Flanders Cleantech internationalisation award

On the occasion of the VITO i-SUP2016 event, FCA and FIT jointly organise the “Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Awards”. This contest looks for Flemish cleantech SMEs with the highest sustainable impact while exporting its clean technologies abroad. The main focus of this contest lies on: (1) international sustainable impact, (2) international market traction, and (3) ability […]

Harsonic wins GOLD !!!!!

   Harsonic wins GOLD !!!!! At the International Invention Exhibition” INNOVA ”  in Brussels , Harsonic has won 2 golden medals and a golden CUP. 1. Golden medal for the best Belgian Invention 2013. 2. Golden medal of ” WOIP ”  given by the World Intellectual Property Organization for the best inventor  (invention with the most […]

Harsonic® 5 Year warranty !!!

Harsonic® is 100% sure of his products quality , therefore we offer our clients a 5 Year Warranty !! the 5 year warranty is effective on all appliances sold after 01 october 2013 .      

Hull fouling is highest for boats that remain stationary

A clean hull is extremely important Everybody who has a boat knows the problem : fouling or the growth of all kinds of organisms. Fouling is an annoying problem which reduces speed, increases fuel consumption and causes corrosion damage. The current solutions are often not effective and require costly annual maintenance. Moreover, they harm the […]

Harsonic® for Propellers

A propeller is exposed to all sorts of attacks underwater, such as rusting and adhesions of the sea. It is the key piece of the ship’s propulsion system, and thus deserves special attention. The propeller is the element that allows the transformation of the mechanical energy of the engine into propulsion. A propeller in poor […]